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Remit2Nepal has been pioneering in the remittance sector in Nepal for over a decade.

Remit2Nepal is established by a group of renowned business houses and young and energetic entrepreneurs in Nepal.

With sheer hard work and dedication, we are one of Nepal’s fastest growing Remittance company.


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Why Remit2Nepal?

Remit2Nepal offers you a vast network that is safe, reliable and fast.

This is one of the widely used modes of remittance payment in Nepal. We aim to provide instant cash to the customers with ease. Customers will send cash and the beneficiary will receive cash from the nearest service agents or from the banks and other financial institutions.

People who value for time can be benefitted with this feature. Money sender will provide the service agents with the detail information of the bank account to which the fund is to be deposited.

The process is similar to cash transfer; instead the money will directly be deposited to the beneficiary bank account within a minute.

Remit2Nepal always cares for its customers, so to their time what we offer service for mobile cash / mobile wallet. Sender can send money direct to our partner wallet.

Beneficiary can enjoy their payment tracking by PIN/ Control No., Sender Name, Expected Amount & purpose of fund etc. Even when remittance has been sent on cash mode. Beneficiary can transfer their amount in own different banks or can use in payment of utilities.

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This is just a very simple effective and safe way to transfer cash. The staff are excellent and super helpful, I love it

Rosie Shahi

Business Officer

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Very useful information and fairly up to date! I would definitely recommend the site for anyone interested in money transactions!

Prem Gupta

Bank Officer

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I was looking to compare alternatives to get the best exchange rate – You provided exactly what I was looking for.

Anushka Sharma


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Used your service last week to get travel money from Malaysia. Very efficient and easy, the cash arrived when it was due.

Sadikshya Shrestha


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I had an incredible experience with Remit2Nepal. Remit2Nepal is very fast and safe, thank you very much for the service

Hari Maharjan

Chief Digital Banking

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