About Us

About Remit2Nepal

Remit2Nepal (R2N) is a remittance company dealing with money transfer services throughout the country via its agent and online payments.

Message From The Chairman

In all fields of endeavor, we need to evlauate where we have been, where we are and where we are going. the field of remittance is no exception...

Why Remit2Nepal?

  • fund transfer
    Low Cost

    With the cheapest rates to send money to Nepal we can always guarantee you the lowest transfer rates.

  • fund transfer

    Using the fastest transfer technology, your money will be with your loved ones in no time via our reliable agents.

  • fund transfer

    With end to end security in place, your transfer is 100% secure and safe.

How We Work


Sign Up

Walk to the nearest Remit2Nepal agent. Provide him/her your identity with the cash amount you want to send.


Send Money

The Remit2Nepal service agent will generate the transaction with your details and they will provide you with the Control Number.



Now you can process to contact your family/ friends and provide him/her with the Control Number to receive the money.



Your Partner can collect the funds from the nearest Remit2Nepal service agent. You will be notified about the collection being made.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be familiar as one of the most trusted remittance company in the Nepal via its reliable and trustworthy counterparts from all over the globe by implementing new ideas, technology and innovation. In a fast paced business atmosphere, Remit2Nepal assurances a strong customers centric approach involving understanding client business wishes and requirements.

Our Mission

Our mission is to gain the trust and confidence of our partners and customers by providing fast, secure, low cost and reliable remittance services together with a genuine and perceptible concern for their long term and comprehensive financial growth.